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Lunar Rhythm: Sagittarius New Moon 2023

Welcome to an invigorating celestial event as you embark on the journey of the new moon in Sagittarius, a time of expansion and inner illumination. And, as the cosmos align, Mercury begins its retrograde motion on December 13th at 2:09 am Eastern, adding a unique layer to your journey.

While this lunar phase is an amplifier, magnifying your intentions and endeavors, with Mercury in such a reflective mode it calls for you to deeply tune into your guidance first. What you focus on now gains momentum, so clarity in your aspirations is key. Picture the future you wish to inhabit—be it a year, five years, or a decade from now—and consciously craft that vision during this influential period. Dive into the depths of your being, seeking truth and enlightenment. Embrace philosophical exploration, allowing your mind to roam freely in pursuit of life's meaning.

The Sagittarian energy empowers you to venture forth, exploring new realms and acquiring knowledge. Embrace this adventurous spirit by planning a journey or enrolling in a course that fuels your curiosity. Sagittarius thrives on discovery and learning, making it an opportune time to expand your horizons (inner and outer).

Take the wisdom gleaned during this phase of expanded awareness and share it with others. Become a conduit for teaching philosophy and fostering the evolution of consciousness. Embrace the role of both student and teacher, enriching your understanding and contributing to collective growth.

Reflect on areas in your life or business that have faced resistance in expanding. Engage with the Sagittarian archetype, seeking guidance on how to navigate stagnation. Sometimes, fixation on "how" impedes progress. Allow Sagittarius to illuminate the necessary shifts needed for growth, encouraging release and openness to new approaches.

As Mercury dances in retrograde from Dec 13-Jan 1 Eastern, this period invites you to review, reassess, and realign in your developmental journey. Embrace the adventure, seek truth, and let Sagittarius guide you towards the expansive growth awaiting on the horizon.

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle. 

Personal Action Suggestions for Sagittarius New Moon:

  • Spend time shining the light of awareness in your inner realm to determine the areas and direction in which you are ready to grow and expand.

  • Plan to learn something new or travel to a new area; expand your horizons.

  • Find a deeper connection to your spirituality.

  • Concentrate on expanding gratitude for all your blessings.

  • Ask Sagittarius what actions will move your life forward to the next level.

  • Reflect on the deeper meaning of your life. Take notes on your insights.

  • Take action to propel your creations forward.

Business Action Suggestions for Sagittarius New Moon:

  • Focus on ways to expand your business.

  • Find ways to increase business visibility.

  • Listen internally to discover the truth of what needs transformation in your business.

  • Learn a new way to market and promote your business.

  • Concentrate on expanding gratitude for all the business you do have.

  • Take dynamic action to energize your business.

  • Ask yourself how you can powerfully grow your business in the year ahead. This is a really important timing to receive guidance from each element and then the unified field of all the elements. Here's a quick 5 minute video which explains how to receive unifed field guidance. You can draw cards from each element with the Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle or to simply tune into each element. Once you receive guidance from each element put your insights together into a single sentence so your personal mantra can support you for the month ahead.

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