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Lunar Rhythm: Taurus Full Moon

This extra intense earthy full moon Taurus, with the sun in watery Scorpio, brings the ability to ground your feelings of soul-filled success and creation magic. This juicy, lusty combination of signs brings a connection to pleasure, beauty, and intimacy that expresses physically and emotionally. These two signs can unite in many different ways from tantric lovemaking to joining the power of the Water realm to magnetize your desires to fully come into physical form. No matter how you choose to work with this powerful combination, they bring the ability to connect the watery feeling source with the physical realm. This creates a potent window to feel the fulfillment of your dreams anchoring solidly on the Earth. Connect to the physical matter of your life and write down any areas that could use a fresh infusion of life force energy. Go through your list and journal with each area asking Taurus and Scorpio what that item needs for rejuvenation. Sometimes an area may simply need to be released instead of being infused. Do any needed release work. If you want to see your desires come fully into form, this is a window of ceremonial opportunity to allow the magical creation forces of nature to powerfully assist you. Remember to give thanks and only energize what you choose to have come into form.

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle.

Personal Action Suggestions for Taurus Full Moon:

❖ Open to express your sensuality and create beauty.

❖ Work with your creation journal or dream board. Collage and energize what you are ready to have come into form. Remember that some things you want to bring in require a gestational time on the inner realm (just as a baby does in the womb) before they are ready to birth or emerge into the outer world.

❖ Spend some time really listening to your inner guidance in every area of your life. This is a very important time to connect to elemental wisdom by working with each element and to listen internally to your feelings and guidance.

❖ Review your year and ask yourself where you were successful with bringing in your creations and where you can apply yourself more fully.

❖ Tune into the relationship between your feelings and ability to magnetize your desires and what is showing up on the earthly level of your life. Ask Taurus and Scorpio if there are ways you could improve your capacities.

❖ Sit in the light of the moon and open for insights.

❖ Release or renew any physical areas of your life that need attention.

Business/Professional Action Suggestions for Taurus Full Moon:

❖ Honor and give thanks for your business/ professional growth, development, and abundance over the last year. Determine the details of what you would like to bring forth during the next year.

❖ Tune into the relationship between your feelings and ability to magnetize your desires in your business/profession and what is actually showing up on the earthly level. Ask Taurus and Scorpio if there are ways you could improve your capacities to draw in what you are choosing to bring forth.

❖ Create a list of anything else you need to come into place for a strong business foundation, and take solid steps toward building that foundation.

❖ Either review or create your business financial goals, expenses, income, and investments.

❖ Utilize this Earth moon to develop new strategies for step-by-step business growth for the upcoming growing cycle.

❖ Ask Taurus if there are any physical aspects of your business that require either release or renewal, and perform the appropriate action.

❖ Determine if there are areas of your business/ professional life where you need to add life force energy to infuse more growth possibility. Follow your inner guidance. The two Elemental Forces of Creation cards I drew to support this window for you are gratitude and feeling guidance. Tune into your appreciation for the ways your feelings and emotional intuition help guide your life. Blessings and love, Lisa

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1 Yorum

27 Eki 2023

Thank you, Sister, for your profound guidance as we traverse life working with the powerful support of the elements during this Scorpio/Taurus eclipse! Sweet blessings, Linda Backes

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