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Receive Inner Couple Guidance

The cosmic forces of creation reside in you and express themselves in powerful and unique ways. There are infinite combinations, and only one person carries your soul essence. Understanding which forces move through the core of who you are assists you in clearly bringing forth the highest expression of your soul's purpose. 

As human beings, we are a combination of different energies that shape our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Two of the most crucial energies that influence our lives are our inner feminine and masculine energies. Understanding and harmonizing these energies can help you bring forth the highest expression of your soul's purpose and experience of soulful prosperity.

Over the past few days, I've shared with you, as a woman, the importance of acknowledging, honoring, and listening to your inner feminine - your Venus. With your full connection to the elemental astrological archetype that she is, you can experience your full purpose-filled prosperity flow and your ability to bring forth your deepest desires.  If you missed these, you can download the inner feminine prosperity guide HERE and watch the video on connecting with her HERE.

Your inner feminine is the most critical component to know, tune into, and work with first. Once you understand her nature, the next aspect of your inner creation team you need to bring on board is your inner masculine. They must discover their unique skills, gifts, and talents and learn to harmonize them. 

Otherwise, you'll end up frustrated internally because you are in conflict, but honestly, a lot of the time, the difficulties show up in your outer relationships or lack of relationships. You might be fighting with someone in your world – a life partner, a boss, or a family member – and you're not sure what the issue is and how to get along. This can often be a deeper conflict between your inner feminine and masculine. 

You see, each of the elements functions quite differently, and the way they divide further into the twelve astrological archetypes means there are 144 combinations of inner feminine and masculine energies. Yikes. This is super important. They could be trying to create prosperity in two very different ways and in a power struggle over how to get there. 

Earth's Archetypal Prosperity Motivations Overall: Build solid, sustainable, and stable resources 

Taurus ~ Experiences of Beauty, Pleasure, Intimacy

Virgo ~ Do Sacred Work and Safely Save

Capricorn ~ Create Wealth and Businesses 

Water's Archetypal Prosperity Motivations Overall: Relational and Fluid

Cancer ~ Take Care of Family, Friends, Pets, and Projects

Scorpio ~ Intense Feeling Experiences

Pisces ~ Further Serve Those in Need

Air's Archetypal Prosperity Motivations Overall: Stimulated by Creative and Innovative Ideas 

Gemini ~ Express Creative Ideas

Libra ~ Support Partnership and Peace

Aquarius ~ Fund Innovations and Technology

Fire's Archetypal Prosperity Motivations Overall: Action and Energy-Oriented, Follow Passion

Aries ~ Defend Rights, Mission or Purpose and Adventure

Leo ~ Enhance Image and Visibility

Sagittarius ~ Explore, Learn, Travel

The same is true with anything else they may be choosing to manifest. Their alignment makes the difference between a magical dance and a constant tug-of-war. I don't know about you, but I like magical dancing. 

This feminine-masculine inner unity has nothing to do with your outer relationship expression. You can be two women together, two men, or a woman and a man - it matters not for the inner feminine-masculine relationship. If you are ready to get to know all the players on your inner creation team, and work with me personally on their purpose and prosperity alignment, consider booking a one-to-one session and find out more about how they are working together today! Today, I've created a tool for you to begin deepening the relationship between your inner feminine and masculine by receiving guiding insights from them. Download your complimentary guide today and start tuning into their relationship!

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