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Solar Rhythm: Sun Enters Cancer 2024

Cancer sun provides a prime time for hanging out, playing, and connecting with family and friends over holidays or during summer vacation. It’s time to refuel and rejuvenate with this water sign before the intensity of the harvest cycle gets into full swing.

Tune into places in your life and business where you can create more comfort. Nurture yourself, your projects, your business, and those around you. Create emotional safe space for what is tender, young, and growing in your life. 

Apply liberal doses of love to every creation you are magnetizing into your life. Pouring love into your creation mix means also filling yourself with the pure sweet essence of water’s primary power. Only when your inner water is fully nourished by love and appreciation can you magnetize your dreams from the most grace filled place. This window is the perfect opportunity to fill yourself to overflowing. 

While you are at it, reflect on your creations and see if they need any other element for an abundant ripening. As you align your dreams and desires with the unified field of all the elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, with Spirit flowing through all), sometimes an element needs to be more playful or strengthened. Perhaps an aspect of your mental beliefs or your old emotional program needs to be cleared for your creations to flourish. Just like growing a garden in your yard, sometimes rocks and roots need to be removed, or fertilizer, water, or more sun need to be added so that your flowers and veggies may thrive.

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle. 

Personal Action Suggestions for Cancer Sun:

  • Bathe yourself in love. 

  • Go play in the ocean, lake, river, pool, or tub. 

  • Nurture yourself with the intent of rejuvenation. 

  • Treat yourself to a two-hour massage or your favorite love-your-body treat. 

  • Honor Water and give thanks for its nourishment.

  • Spend time relaxing with your family and friends.

  • Love and appreciate the people in your life.

Business/Professional Action Suggestions for Cancer Sun:

  • Connect to the ways your business needs to be nurtured in order to grow.

  • Spend time deeply loving and appreciating your business and your customers. 

  • Can you nurture yourself more in relation to your work? If so, how?

  • Notice what areas of your work life (or business life) need more love.

  • Are there ways your business could nurture the environment further?

  • Tune into the ways your business could make a greater contribution to the collective. 

  • Nurture your staff or co-workers by treating the office to lunch or one of your favorite nourishing snacks. Excerpt from LunaSol...

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